​The 3 Types of Carolina Custom Foam Customers

​The 3 Types of Carolina Custom Foam Customers

The 3 Types of Carolina Custom Foam Customers

If you found yourself on our webpage, and subsequently this blog article, there’s a very good chance you may not have heard of Carolina Custom Foam in Black Mountain, North Carolina before today. And while CCF is known in the gun industry for our custom commissioned gun cases, you may be confused about who our other customers might be. We’ve found that our customers tend to fit in 3 distinct categories.

  1. The Do-It-Yourself Customer

By far, this is our most common type of customer. Many of these customers currently have one of the popular cases manufactured by Pelican, Nanuck or Plano out on the market and simply want to replace the foam. Carolina Custom Foam offers a huge selection of pre-cut replacement sizes for those cases to make your purchase as convenient and confident as possible. These orders typically ship within 1-2 business days since most of these sizes are on our shelf.

Why would they replace brand new foam?

The reasons are extensive as to why a customer would want to replace brand new foam in those cases. The most frequent reason we hear is that they hate the “pick and pluck” foam and want a solid replacement foam that either utilizes the universal convoluted (egg crate style) foam. Or, maybe they purchased a used case and want new foam or they want a second set of foam to utilize a swap out of another weapons system they may need to travel with.

And probably one of the most important reasons… OUR FOAM!

Carolina Custom Foam is the formulator of our proprietary Appalachian Tough foam. This foam is a superior blend that balances the foam density with its weight while adding a special moisture inhibitor into the foam making it an ideal choice in areas with a relatively higher humidity. Most stock foam that ships with manufacturers cases is either too dense (and heavy) or too soft (and not supportive of heavier rifles).

The other type of DIY customer has another type of case where they will need to cut their own foam to fit or to meet some very unique application they may have such as photography, drone, or sensitive electronic equipment. In this case, the customer can choose the correct size in one of six available thicknesses (.25”, .5”, 1”, 1.5” or 2”)

  1. The Commercial Manufacturing Customer

We are periodically approached by manufacturers of unique products that need precision cut foam inserts to ship their products in. We typically lean towards accepting manufacturing clients that need a relatively low run and fairly simple cut outs. This is mainly because at a certain point, it would be more cost effective for them to do mass production involving a stamped die process. Where Carolina Custom Foam adds an additional level of detail is that for these lower production runs we can engrave into the foam items such as logos or the product’s name. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding manufacturing, lead time and the quantities you have in mind.

  1. The Serious Gun Enthusiast Customer

This type of customer is where Carolina Custom Foam shines. We proud ourselves on creating functional art pieces inside of gun cases for individuals wanting something truly special. The best way to show you what we are talking about is to check out our Instagram gallery (@carolinacustomfoam2015). These projects are frequently designed, precisely cut and colored to reflect the customer’s “dream case” or to sometime’s reflect their company’s brand identity. These types of clients range anyone from celebrities, to social media influencers, to gun industry professionals, to those wanting to give a friend or family member the perfect gift to house their cherished firearm. Included in the custom commissioned case cost is a personalized design experience complete with a screen sharing web conference session where we brainstorm and work on the initial layout and details of the case with you real time right in front of your own eyes.

What kind of cases do you use for these commissioned projects?

It is important to explain that we ONLY use CONDITION 1 or SAVIOR brand cases for any of our commissioned projects. In other words, we will not accept a shipment from a client who is sending us their current case for us to put foam in. This is because we can achieve a level of precision cutting with our CONDITION 1 templates that would take extensive development time in achieving with other manufacturers’ cases. In the event the customer is adamant about using their current case, a development fee will incur as it usually means we need to cut several test pieces of foam to fit the design correctly. CONDITION 1 cases are extremely tough with some of the industry’s most rugged wheels, handles, and latches in addition to an automatic pressure release valve and TSA approved design.

To shop for your Carolina Custom Foam product today, head on over to www.CarolinaCustomFoam.com and choose the appropriate category. If you have any questions before proceeding with a custom commissioned rifle or handgun case, feel free to reach out to Peter at peter@carolinacustomfoam.com