Foam Meets Function & Artwork!

Foam Meets Function & Artwork!

Since Carolina Custom Foam started creating works of art inside gun cases, several things have happened. For one, we have received our fair share of imitators and haters. We have been met with more than one comment on Reddit that our cases are overpriced or that we are simply using cheap inkjet ink to print our colored designs onto the foam. We have to admit, wouldn’t it be nice if it were just that easy?!?!

While one statement is an opinion and the other is simply false, we’ve found comments like this are usually made by those who have very little understanding of how our gun case foam inserts are made or those who have never appreciated any form of artistic expression.

Let’s address that first opinion that our cases are overpriced. Our single, in-stock handgun cases alone retail directly from the manufacturer, with a sub-par foam (usually ‘pick and pluck) at around $50. We sell our finished cases with a theme of your choice for only $100. So the question is, if you have a prized firearm and may have served in the 101st Airborne division for example, is that extra $50 worth proudly displaying your division logo inside your gun case? For those familiar with the quality of our artwork inserts, a frequent impression is that our work is underpriced!

The second thing we hear is that we are somehow simply printing images onto the foam. This is a huge misconception for how we create our themed foam designs. Every single design undergoes a special design process to determine if the design idea itself can even be executed with laser cutting and etched or cut from foam. Once we determine the design is a candidate for our process, a very specific methodology must be done so that each particular element bumps up to the next in a way that creates a tight fit… (think in terms of an expanding puzzle).

Once every individual piece is cut, it goes to the spray booth where high quality paint is applied to each individual piece. After adequate drying time, each piece is dry fit to ensure everything fits. They are then glued together onto a bottom foundation before inserting into the case. Due to the level of detail involved in some of our in-stock cases, such as the American Flag where all 50 stars must be painted and hand-placed individually, some designs require a small upcharge. When it comes to all these painted designs, the end result is a vibrant, tightly fitting foam insert that provides the protection that only our proprietary Appalachian Tough foam is known for.

Now, about those imitators. First we want to be clear what we are calling imitators. If you find anyone doing custom laser cut painted foam after April 2019, there is a good chance they were inspired by running across our Instagram page. If you find anyone doing work before April 2019 that looks like ours, we'd love to see it. To our knowledge Carolina Custom Foam was the first to create the custom painted foam inserts for gun cases that you see today. Now, who we will not call imitators are any of the dozens of companies across the globe that are simply doing custom cut gun cutout foam replacements. These companies use a variety of foam types and methods such as laser, CNC contour cutting, thermoforming, and injection molding to name a few. Most of these methods offer very limited detail when it comes to artwork and almost all of these companies leave the foam in its natural gray foam state.

Are all of your gun case inserts painted?

No. For many of our customers, they simply request their logo or special message to be ‘engraved’ into the foam. And for some customers, they just want our plain foam inserts without any artwork at all. Carolina Custom Foam has developed a catalog of special treatments we can do to individually meet the vision and needs of our clients, not only for the artwork in the foam but also the custom cutouts we can do for the gun, magazines and accessories.

We also suggest visiting our Instagram page (@carolinacustomfoam2015) to see a very diverse gallery of the work we’ve created over the years. Or, to go ahead and place your order, visit