​Carolina Custom Foam is growing! Again!

​Carolina Custom Foam is growing! Again!

Carolina Custom Foam is growing! Again!

With very modest beginnings in a small 400 foot square room in a former furniture manufacturing warehouse, Carolina Custom Foam is about to expand for the third time in our history starting early February 2021.

“This was not a question of IF we would ever need to expand. This was a question of WHEN we would expand,” says owner and designer Peter Wakem Jr.

The current operation as of January 2021 in Black Mountain’s Eastside business park consisted of two rooms separated by a 40 foot hallway making communication between the operations and shipping departments less than ideal.

In addition to the physical distance between offices, the location of the shipping department required the use of a large, custom-built trolley that was needed to move foam from loading docks on the other side of the complex back to the shipping department.

Our new location will be a massive single room located just on the other side of our original 400 foot location and boasts its very own double loading dock (which should make our shipping team happy!). Since both of the previous rooms were interior rooms, there were no windows or natural lighting. Our new room has several skylights which is also a welcome addition.

Future plans are already underway to include the addition of two more laser tables, making a total of five cutting tables and a dedicated spray booth and drying rack. Our video consultation chats should also see an upgrade as well since we hope to have even better lighting, sound and a backdrop.

We look forward to serving all of your foam and custom gun case needs as we continue to grow.